Jinkies, Jeepers, and Jerks: Unmasking Our Villains for Who They Really Are.

Rotten fruit starts at the root.

  • Get proper sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise beforehand — set yourself up mentally and physically to handle what is to come. Be your own advocate in showing up as your best self.
  • Avoid conflict and know your exit plan — I’m always ready to debate someone, but also aware that this may not be the time or place. Know what your exit strategy is — either from the conversation or from the event overall. Sometimes I volunteer to go get last minute things at the store just for a break
  • Look Beyond the Ugly Mask — Again, back to the disclaimer, no one has the right to make you feel less than anything other than the amazing human you are. The most vile villains I’ve personally faced I have been able to encounter with empathy and compassion because I took the time to look past the outside mask they were wearing to the internal motivations they had.
  • Remember, This Too Shall Pass — nothing lasts forever and you can endure great things and hardships. You can always show up fashionably late and leave early, but realize, it is temporary — even though how they make you feel may not be.



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